Friday, November 14, 2008

secret number 1 in the search engine google

I speak before his acknowledgments have read my posting to this edition.
I have promised to you to open the secret of how to be no 1 in search engines without the money without skills or have a friend to ask for assistance to our blogs.

actually simple once, after my fight to become number one in google I feel what I do is boring. who are you if you want to become number one in google.

I direct you that it is not patient, is not it?

Step 1: google search in the community about it at that you understand the needs of the community, the example I gave the game a sizeable community of persons it

Step 2: join with the community (read what they need) provide what they want for free and fast in blogs or on the web you.

Step 3: pampered them with the correct information they need right now

step 4 : analysis blog until you get the results as below

with the results of this analysis, as you would be occupiers in the top of the Google services without using the master SEO that the average tolerable expensive.

google secret algorithm that can be read only less so serious I deepen it is important for my visitors in the high time that many, if any is so that you only post in a matter of minutes so you directly in the posting read by search engines (Google will love is the post that you make, any form of it)

NB: no matters who you are :)

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